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About Us

Our Goals

Our goals go beyond simply “fixing phones and making money”. Martin Digital aims to:

Provide our community with consistent, credible service.

Martin Digital is committed to our community. You can expect the same high-quality care on every visit and trust us with all your electronic emergencies.


Offer industry leading repairs at affordable prices.

As a globally connected repair shop, we are capable of staying on the bleeding edge of industry advances from Research and Development of parts to training from the community’s top repair techs. By staying abreast, we look to bring new services and repair options to our people.

Become recognized as Orangeburg and Calhoun County’s top PC and Mobile Device Repair option.

Martin Digital is here to fill the PC and Mobile Device Repair void that has been missing in our region. As members of the community ourselves, we work hard to lead by example and make a positive impact. We strive to one day earn the support and recognition that we give every day.


Core Values

We are human first:

Before any business matters, we treat our customers, community, and our co-workers with respect and courtesy. Every encounter is an opportunity to show our commitment.

Share and inform:

We believe by working together we can produce better results than we would produce as individuals. We are truly committed to excellence, and we will help each other be accountable to our mission, values and purpose.

Respond with your best:

We take pride in performing in a professional and competent manner. We strive to present a professional, clean, and inviting environment.

Reach beyond, pull together:

We believe in continuous improvement. We must continue to grow and learn in order to provide better service.

Learn about Our Story and Our Promise
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