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My Thoughts on the iPhone 11

By Marion Martin

Owner, Martin Digital | SEPT 23, 2019

I woke up this morning thinking about how people have been asking me for my thoughts on the new phones that are coming out. Right now, it’s the iPhone 11 series. To put it simply, I feel buying an iPhone 11 would be a waste of money. That being the same for the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Why? Because Apple is playing catch up.

I would say the turning point in Apple’s innovative lead falls somewhere between them leading the industry with a near perfect fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s in 2013 and being late to adopt wireless charging in 2017. From the first iPhone, there was a steady increase in creativity and new/perfected technological implementations. The design, the App store, the front facing camera, the lightning connector… there were so many times where I couldn’t wait until I could go to Verizon and get a Motorola, LG, or Samsung phone that did what I was seeing iPhones do last year.

Then, Apple started blandly “reinventing” features that have been prominent in the cellphone market for a while. Bigger sizes, OLED screens, face unlock, etc. Now, we have the iPhone 11 that is a marginal improvement on the X series, which was a HUGE leap forward for Apple, but more of a gap closer as far as cellphone tech goes. The iPhone 11’s biggest selling point is the cameras. These cameras bring two things to the iPhone: ultra-wide mode and night mode. These things have been available elsewhere for years. The Google Pixel has been king of the camera game for years. All with a single camera setup.


This is coming from a Tech Junkie who has been in the game since Nokia Bricks (with the green screen) and LG Chocolates. I have always been an Android fan and I remember when I used to watch the Apple Events to see what features would be available in the new Android phones next year because iPhones were so far ahead. Now I watch them to see what finally has made it into the iPhone.

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